Mineral Wells family owned, community oriented funeral home is dedicated to helping people through one of lifes most difficult events. Since 1892, Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home has been known for honesty and competence from the moment our services are requested. Over a century of dedicated care and attention to detail at a fair and affordable price has earned us a reputation of trust and compassion. Our staff is trained to answer your questions and to help arrange a funeral service that focuses on the life of the deceased and supports the needs of your family. Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home offers service options from traditional to contemporary that can be customized to your purpose. We serve you just as we would expect to be served.

Our Staff

Rual Perkins

Rual Perkins Owner

Rual and his family moved to Mineral Wells in 1974 from MT. Pleasant, TX, to work at the Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home and make Mineral Wells his home. He graduated from Daingerfield High School, received his BBA from Texas A & M at Commerce and graduated from Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science in 1971. He attends Eleventh Avenue Church where he leads congregational singing and is presently studying classical guitar. He is a member of the Rotary Club and is a 32º Mason. He and his wife purchased the Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home in 2005.

Donna Perkins

Donna Perkins Owner

I love the town and people of Mineral Wells. I have lived here for over 30 years and Rual and I raised our children in this community. I hold a BS Degree in Medical Technology and retired from my profession in 2005. I have studied piano throughout my lifetime and in addition to working at the funeral home I teach a class of piano students. I always remember that life is in the moment.

Casey Joe Lister

Casey Lister Funeral Director

Casey was born and raised in Mineral Wells, and his family owned and operated Lister Pharmacy from 1960-1998. He graduated from Perrin-Whitt High School in 1995. He began classes at the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service in 1997 and graduated in 1998 with an Associates Degree in Funeral Directing and Embalming. He had the chance to move back to Mineral Wells and work for Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home in 2002, so he did so and has never regretted it. He is a member of the Mineral Wells Noon Lions Club, and Leaning Tree Church. He and his wife Candy welcomed their new baby girl, Lexy Faith Lister, on July 12, 2007.

Donna Ballenger

Donna Ballenger Office

Donna Ballenger is the third generation of her family to work for Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home. Her grandfather and father also worked for the funeral home in the latter 1950’s when it was Baum and Carlock Funeral Home and in the early 1960’s after the Bumgardner’s purchased it and added their name. She graduated nursing school in 1972. She became a licensed insurance agent in 1985, continued her insurance education and received designation of L.U.T.C.F. in 1989. She became a Certified Crematory Operator in 2009.

Linda Johnson

Linda Johnson Office

Linda has lived in Mineral Wells with her family since 1984. She and her husband Roy have two children and one grandchild. She was previously the Director of Volunteer Services at the local hospital. She is a member of Mineral Wells Art Association and enjoys volunteering at Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce. Her favorite things are spending time with her family, friends, pets, painting in oils and traveling.

Ronnie Watson

Ronnie Watson Funeral Assistance

Ronnie was raised in Santo, Texas. He graduated from Santo ISD, received his Bachelor of Science from Texas A & M in Commerce in 1963, received his Masters from Tarleton University in 1978. Ronnie is a retired teacher from Mineral Wells ISD of 32 years. He is married to Joyce and has two daughters and four grandchildren. Ronnie resides in Santo, deals in cattle and works some for Santo ISD as well as part-time for Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home.

Joyce Watson

Joyce Watson Funeral Assistance

Joyce grew up in Mineral Wells, Texas. She is a graduate of Mineral Wells ISD and received her BS from Texas Wesleyan University in 1962. Joyce is a retired teacher in Mineral Wells ISD of 30 years. Joyce is married to Ronnie, and they have two daughters and four grandchildren. Joyce works part-time for Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home.

Our History

Ten years after Judge and Mrs. J. A. Lynch founded Mineral Wells in 1882, Benjamin Holland and Bettie Clements Lattner opened their furniture store and funeral home. The following article was printed in “The (Mineral Wells) Daily Index”, on March 28, 1905:

FURNITURE AND UNDERTAKING "B. H. Lattner was born in Franklin County, Georgia, March 7, 1854, and came to Mineral Wells in 1892, where he married Miss Bettie Clements. Both are licensed embalmers and members of the (Texas) State Undertaker’s Association. Mr. Lattner has been in the furniture and undertaking business all his life and therefore he is thoroughly posted in all of its branches. He has an immense stock of furniture constantly in stock in his two story stone business house, and cordially invites the visitors to call and see him."

The first business location is pictured to the right with the caption from the book, "Time Was in Mineral Wells a Crazy Story but True…", by A. F. Weaver: "B. H. Lattner was an undertaker by trade, but dabbled in other businesses as read on the signs in front of his establishment." (The signs read "B. H. Lattner, Furniture, Light Running Sewing Machines and Coffins". This building was located at the corner of S. E. 1st Street and South Oak Avenue and is now a parking lot. Records show that Bettie was the first Texas licensed female embalmer with license #15. The best records available indicate the Lattner’s started their business there in 1892 and continued at this original location for about 15 years.

In September 1905, Mr. Lattner purchased the lot at 116 South Oak Avenue and in 1906, built a three-and-a-half story brick building. The first elevator in the town of Mineral Wells installed to facilitate the movement of the casket from the second floor where the chapel was located. It is reported that visitors would assemble for the opportunity to ride up and down the new contraption. The business continued there until September 11, 1936, when it was moved to 302 West Hubbard, the present home of Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home. A close examination of the five corner windows on the second row from the top will reveal the stained glass windows currently in the present facility at 302 West Hubbard Street. The building currently houses Mineral Wells Office Supply. Mrs. Lattner had purchased this property on October 30, 1932, four years after her husband passed away.

The Rev. Clyde Campbell who was the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church from 1930-1936 was the construction foreman on the brick and native rock structure. They started building in the spring of 1936, when Mrs. Lattner was 64 years old. Rev. Campbell gave the following account of the construction: "Mrs. Lattner and I drove many miles inspecting funeral homes before we started the building. We bought, wrecked, and hauled four residences from Thurber for the woodwork, and gathered the rock from the mountains. Many persons worked out funeral bills they owed Mrs. Lattner. Times were hard and money hard to come by, I never charged her a dime for my work. She was a good woman caught in a hard condition and I helped her out. I had to beg clothing, caskets and even graves for poor people during that depression and she never turned me down." Mrs. Lattner operated the business for only about a year in the "almost completed" new building.

An article in the Mineral Wells "Daily Index" dated May 30, 1948, contained the following information: "Drew Baum and Neil Carlock were living in Stamford when they attended the Texas Funeral Directors convention in Mineral Wells in May 1937. The B. H. Lattner Funeral Home was for sale and they found it out while they were here, made plans to buy it and moved their families here June 1 of that same year." When World War II started, Neal Carlock joined the armed forces and left Drew Baum to operate the business. Mr. Carlock returned from the war with the rank of Lt. Colonel and they resumed their partnership.

On May 2, 1960, the Baum and Carlock Funeral Home became the Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home. Mitchell O. Bumgardner, his wife Alice Jeanette, and their son John Bumgardner, moved to Mineral Wells from Colfax, Iowa, having purchased sole ownership of the firm.

Mr. Bumgardner owned the funeral home during the height of the Ft. Wolters activity and population influx. He died September 27, 1972. His wife attended the Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science, received her Funeral Directors license in 1979 and continued to actively operate the business. She was the first lady to serve on the board of directors of the Mineral Wells Savings and Loan Association and served one term on the Mineral Wells City Council. She passed away on March 20, 2004.

Rual Perkins, his wife Donna and their two children, Mary Christine and Benjamin Delcamp moved to Mineral Wells on March 4, 1974, and joined the staff of Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner. He became the Funeral-Director-in-Charge shortly thereafter. Donna went to work in the laboratory of Palo Pinto General Hospital where she was a registered, licensed Medical Technologist. She graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Medical Technology. In her spare time she teaches piano, an activity she dearly loves. They purchased the funeral home April 1, 2005.